All there is to know about Medallion Club Member Privileges

One of the surest ways of having effortless and limited entertainment in the stadium by becoming a Medallion Club member. The Medallion club offers such member privileges to people for a fee.

Annually, members show IDs inside the Marvel Stadium in Australia for entertainment and hospitality benefits. While watching their favourite sports, Medallion club members can sit in luxury lounges and discuss the event over some bottles of great-tasting wine. You can discover ways of enjoying similar teats by reading this article

Savouring the Cuisine

The tension that comes with specific league fixtures in Marvel Stadium can be overwhelming. Regardless of your support for home and away teams, the Medallion Club and corporate partner are ready to relax your mind. With a range of services, the memory of good times will outlive your low mood. Food is important because it prepares the body for daily endurance.

In the Medallion club members’ bar and restaurant, you can access and dine with meal tickets. These privileges are different for silver, platinum and gold Medallion Club members. It depends on the budget that members can afford annually. The plan can also accommodate guests of members. Enjoying exclusive access to a cozy environment with natural views can be amazing. There’s a range of cuisine to eat.

You can explore these services at the stadium as a club member. The category of members that use the Marvel Stadium can access the grille, Carvery, sports bar, terrace bar, and Southside Place.

Explaining the customer

It’s a different service for other categories like the MCG. While silver AFL members use only dining, platinum and gold members can access Tom Wills lounge bar and the Legends Room. Also, you can relax with your guests and discuss business.


A Great Opportunity to Organize Events and Celebrate

Member privileges at the Medallion Club extend to other stadiums around Australia. This premiership club has an all-inclusive package like discounts for event venue hires. Normally, members need venues like the Medallion Club to organize corporate and personal events. It could be an exciting moment to celebrate your birthday at the Medallion Club Carvery. While partying, guests can catch some scenic views around the stadium from the dance floor.

Get Prompt Updates on Tickets

Keeping a tax on tickets for must-watch AFL fixtures is easy when you are a member. The privileges extend to getting email notifications for these special events. Also, the ticketing feature for members is available on the stadium’s website along with the events. Medallion Club members can use this e-ticketing service for guests too.

Attend Golf Courses

The Medallion Club member has access to sign up at the sporting and business community. However, this privilege is not transferable to guests and family members. Apart from the soccer league, members can take about six premium golf courses in Australia. This high-level participation at Moonah Links, Sanctuary Lakes, and the Sandhurst Club can improve your skills.

Apart from skills, exclusive access to speakers at business forums is sure for Medallion Club members. It will be a great time to network and indulge in the finest Australia wine and cuisine in Melbourne.

Entertainment with the Box Office Service

The Box Office privilege gives members access to information on film releases. Increasing the entertainment experience of members is the goal of this service. They can see events at the cinema, theatre and attend concerts every year. It’s a great way of exploring the culture in Melbourne. Tickets purchase can help to choose seats with the Privilege Card too. If there’s any queue at these venues, members can gain easy access to their priority status.