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Ways To Exercise At Work

Having a busy work schedule is very common for most people today, as the majority of people work five days a week and still, end up having to do some work on the weekend as well. People with these busy schedules tend to neglect their physical health and forget to check in on that sore back they’ve been complaining about for months. It’s vital to listen to your body and follow up on these things. So first thing’s first, make some time and go and get that sore back checked with a physio.

Because of everyone’s busy work and social life, there’s hardly time for people to do other activities as they use any additional opportunities they get to either rest or try to catch up with other stuff. This is how physical health gets neglected, and minor back pain turns into severe back pain. Although some may think it’s impossible there are ways to add in some physical activity in your day if you cannot make time to see a specialist or take a class.

Here are some ways you can practice some muscle therapy during your busy work schedules.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Since you hardly have time to dedicate to exercising, you should use every chance you get even at work, rather than take an elevator, use the staircases. Choosing the stairways is one of the best workouts you can do even when you’re away at work. Taking the stairs helps in building muscle mass index while extra you also burn extra calories.

Walking Up The Stairs

Walk more

Rather than sitting down and taking an urgent phone call, walk around as you talk on the phone. Walk to go and grab your coffee at lunch. Take a fifteen-minute break if it’s nice outside and go for a walk around the block. Exercise your legs and do your job too in case you are in the office. You can do this both in your office and at home.

Wake up early in the morning and go for a run

As busy as your work schedule is, you can wake up an hour or 30 minutes earlier each day and go for a short distance run. You don’t have to run for thousands of miles but do your best to make sure you do it often enough and stay healthy.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises can help improve the functions of the pelvic muscles, and they focus on holding and tightening the muscles which control the flow of urine. Men and women can do this exercise both. Sit in a comfortable position, then you close your eyes and imagine the muscles that can stop the flow of urine. Tighten the muscle as much as you can and when it’s tightened hold the position for 3-5 seconds. The muscles should feel like they are lifting because of all the squeezing and then the muscle should be released. Rest for some few hours and then start the process again. You can do this exercise in whatever position you like.

Join a fitness class

Being busy doesn’t mean you can’t spare up to 45 minutes just once a week, rather than joining a gym which will waste more time, join a fitness class where you can spend a minim of 45 minutes per session and go home. If you’re someone that hates cardio and doesn’t like going to the gym, then look into clinical pilates. It is excellent for building core strength and has several other benefits as well.

Park Further Away Than Usual

Rather than parking directly in front of your destinations, park a few blocks from there and take a walk. Use this opportunity to strengthen and stretch your muscles rather than always sitting and hardly walking. You can make it a habit to do this each day, so you eventually get used to it. It can be more fun if you make it a habit if you do it with a colleague.

Finding time to do everything is one thing the human race hasn’t been able to make perfect yet but the little time you have can be used to do more.